Taking the PAIN out of Tipping

Tips are paid IMMEDIATELY!
No waiting until the next day,

next week, or NEVER!

For Tipped Workers

No question about whether a TIP is paid to Tipped Workers. No need for CASH and you have electronic receipt.

For Patrons

No Paperwork, you don't even

see the TIPs which are charged

Direct to Credit Cards.

For Owners

Mark Twain

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

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True Empowerment for TIPPED WORKERS

We are making new meaning in how tips are made and how Tipped workers are paid. Our main goal has always been to find an idea that can improve the world, even if that means making someone’s life a little bit easier, or making a complicated process a bit more convenient. Welcome to ezTipp.com, inc. A Startup that’s changing how people pay and receive tips. Think Blockchain for TIPS one TIP at a time.